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New fic

Title: Absolution
Author: unsung_hero_99 
Beta: vagablonde 
Warnings: Spanking, bondage, bit of d/s
Pairing: Sheppard/Lorne
Word Count: 665
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: They don’t belong to me, but I play with them anyway.
Author's Notes: This originally started out for the spanking prompt on 50kinkyways , but I used more than one prompt so I can’t use it for that. That’s to vagablonde for the title suggestions, and the wonderful beta!

“You’ve been bad.”
The words are whispered in his ear, warm breath ghosting over his skin, and he can’t help but shiver. He knew this was coming, knew before he’d disobeyed orders that it would lead to this, but he still did. Now he’s lying there, completely at the mercy of the other. He’s on his stomach, his hands shackled to the legs of the bed. His ass is in the air, his ankles shackled tightly to a strap that had been placed around the bed for this very purpose, so he can’t move. He’s still got his clothes on, but he knows it won’t remain that way for long. Strong, nimble fingers glide up his back, until they reach the top of his shirt, the long-sleeved black one he usually wears under his uniform. His breathing hitches as the material is forcibly ripped from him, he won’t be using that top again.
He shivers again as the fingers make their way around his chest and tug sharply on a nipple before retreating to his back again. They trail down his spine before coming to rest on the waistband of his pants. He can feel the warm hands moving, until a knife slips under the waistband. His breath hitches again as it slices through the seam on the back of his pants, and down his left leg; the blunt edge of the knife is cold as it trails down his leg. The knife is moved to the other leg, cutting it in the same fashion as the other. His boxers are next, the knife making short work of the soft, thin material until he’s completely naked, his bare skin vulnerable to the other.
“You know what that means.”
He feels a hand glide over his ass, squeezing one cheek before disappearing. He hears rustling, and knows what the other is getting. He feels it against his ass for a moment, lining up before being pulled away.  There’s a moment of silence, of waiting, and then there’s the sound of it rushing through the air, and connecting with his flesh. He can’t help but jerk in his bonds as the pain comes.
He’s not being gentle this time.
“Don’t move.”
The warning is spoken in a low tone, and he knows that if he doesn’t obey, it’ll only draw the punishment out longer. He concentrates on staying still as the paddle comes down again. The strokes blur together in a mixture of pain and arousal. He doesn’t know how long it goes on for, but then it’s finally over, and there are hands on his ass again, opening him with slick fingers, cool against the red and swollen welts. Then the fingers are gone, and he can hear the soft tear, a condom slowly and deliberately torn open, the noise seeming loud over his own harsh breaths. He can feel the others cock pushing against his entrance, and he lets him in. It feels so good, so full.
He groans and can’t help but move back to take him in further. He gets a sharp slap in response, adding another bite of pain, making the effort to remain still hard, but he does. Soon he’s all the way in, and then he’s thrusting hard and fast, and even as the arousal is over laced with the sharp sting of flesh connecting with the hot, pulsing welts, he knows he won’t last long. He’s right. There’s the white bliss of orgasm, and he hears the other groan as the thrusts become erratic. Then he is lying on top of him, sweat-salted skin against his, panting for a moment to catch his breath. He feels his bonds being undone, and arms sliding around him, a kiss being placed on the back of his neck as he settles down with a sigh.
“Love you, John” He whispers into the darkness of the room
“Love you too, Evan”
He falls asleep knowing everything is alright, and how it should be.

Tags: sga, sga fic, sheppard/lorne

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